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Cristadur Crystallizer Extra Hard

Price €23.90

*ONLY FOR SELLING TO PROFFESIONAL AND QUALIFIED WORKERS* This product due to its toxicity in case of ingestion is forbidden for domestic use. Do not buy it if you are not a proffesional and qualifed worker.

Crystallizer specially formulated for the vitrification of the surfaces that contain calcium carbonate, such as marble, terrazzo, hydraulic pavement, etc. Its exclusive formula allows a quick application, providing the surface with the waterproofing needed to keep a long lasting shine.


CRISTADUR (Producto Leopard)

CRISTADUR 2 (Producto Leopard)

Volume 5 liters.

High Power Diamond Segment

Price €25.00

Resin diamond segment for traditional grinding machines. Its high power allows to polishing every kind of surface independently of its hardness. Available in five grits.

L-500 Rotating Machine

Price €2,050.00

The Lozano rotating machines are the consequence of 50 years of experience in the manufacture of machinery destined for a hard and demanding market as it is the polishing market. The result of this experience is to have developed the sturdiest machines, able to execute the most demanding work.

Technical Characteristics:
Width disc: 500 mm.
RPM: 160
Nominal Power: 1500 w.
Amperes: 15 A.
H. P. Motor: 2,25
Weight: 63 kgrs.

It is provided with nylon or bronze crown.

Grinding ring wheel 300mm

Price €13.90

Abrasive grinding wheel made of silicon carbide and black cement for grinding natural stone flors with a traditional grinding machine.

The ring slot separates the segment in two parts for a fast work,.

Diameter: 300mm

Red Fiber Pad

Price €6.00

Low hardness sintetic fiber pad. It is 20 mm thickness and it is designed for the daily cleaning and maintenance with rotating machines and scrubbers. Its special interweave allows a fast and efficient work and its high density provides a high life.

Hardness from lowest to highest by colour: white-red-brown-black.

Leopard Concrete Sealer

Price €66.90

It creates a micro coat which hardens and seals the concrete floors, producing a bright and attractive finishing very easy to maintain. Its low viscosity seals micro pores, providing the concrete with consistency and uniformity. The treatment with Leopard Concrete Sealer provides resistance to the spots and the abrasion and takes care of the industrial surfaces.


Sellador de Hormigón (Producto Leopard)

Volume 5 liters.

Wet Diamond Pad 80mm.

Price €12.00

80mm diamond pad for satellite grinding machines. It has been developed for working with water. It can be used in low or high speed depending on the need of the surface. Available in five grits.

Lozano Grinding Machine

Price €0.00

The last generation of Lozano grinding machines is the result of 50 years experience in the manufactura. They also abide by all the current legistlations of security and safety.

Available in three models: L-75, L-55 y L-Mono.

Steel wool pad

Price €4.00

Curly steel wool pad made for crystallization process. The orientation of its fibers in vertical guarantee an optimal contact with the surface, on the contrary to steel wool pads made by hand in a spiral way. Due to its vertical fiber position the time of crystallization is reduced in 25%. It is safe and easy to handle.

Available in three grits.

Leopard-2 Pink Crystallizer

Price €17.00

*ONLY FOR SELLING TO PROFFESIONAL AND QUALIFIED WORKERS* This product due to its toxicity in case of ingestion is forbidden for domestic use. Do not buy it if you are not a proffesional and qualifed worker.

Marble crystallizer specially formulated for vitrifying big surfaces. It provides the pavement with the needed waterproofing and hardness for high traffic resistance. It neither slides nor marks footprints.

Volume 5 liters.

Leopard-9 Neutral Shine Protector

Price €6.20

Concentrated cleaner specially formulated for the maintenance and conservation of crystallized or polished surfaces. Its daily use provides the necessary cleaning to all type of surfaces, taking care of the original shine and highlighting the colors.

Carro pinza portatableros mármol

Price €550.00

Carro con pinza portableros para el transporte de losas de mármol, granito, terrazo, silestone, dekton, etc... Ideal para cualquier taller de mármol y mármolistas. Sus pinzas recubiertas de goma transparente garantizan la perfecta fijación del tablero sin que este sea dañado o manchado. El eje cuenta con muelle para garantizar la seguridad del cierre durante el transporte.



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