Resin Diamond for Rotating Machines

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Superlux Diamond Fiber Pad

Price €40.00

It is made of diamond resin and polishing powders. It allows to remove waxes and providing gloss with a single application. It intesifies the gloss and duration of the crystallization process. Available in three diameters.

Supergloss Diamond Fiber Pad

Price €18.20

Diamond fiber pad for polishing every kind of surfaces with a rotating machine or scrubber. It is ideal for increasing the gloss provided with the Gloss Diamond Fiber Pad. Available in three diameters.

Leopard-12 Green Crystallizer

Price €17.40

*ONLY FOR SELLING TO PROFFESIONAL AND QUALIFIED WORKERS* This product due to its toxicity in case of ingestion is forbidden for domestic use. Do not buy it if you are not a proffesional and qualifed worker.

Marble crystallizer which can be applied very quick. It is ideal to use in new pavements. It provides the pavement with the needed waterproofing and hardness for high traffic resistance. It neither slides nor marks footprints.

Volume 5 liters.

Resin Diamond for Rotating Machines