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MB2000 Satellite Grinding Machine...

Powerful and well-sized satellite grinding machine, designed for large spaces.

Equipped with a 15 HP engine, speed control and three 223mm satellites, it works every processing phase, wet or dry, on all surfaces.

Characterised by high performance and excellent results, it has great capacity during the polishing phase. Thanks to the inverter it is possible to adjust the rotation speed, optimising the performance of the machine during the various processing phases and according to the surface being worked on.

Diameter satellite plate: 223mm

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MB2001 Satellite Grinding Machine...

Medium-size grinding machine with speed regulation, high frequency engine and three 223mm satellites.

Designed to work in large spaces, however, it has relatively small dimensions, so it is used in apartment too: it is compact and easy to handle, weighs 180kg and can be easily dismantled into two parts.

MB2001 performs every phase of processing on all types of stone (marble, granite, terrazzo, concrete) working wet or dry.

Diameter satellite plate platos satélite: 223mm

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MB2003 Satellite Grinding Machine...

MB2003 combines high performance, weight and compact size: even though it weighs only 100 kg, it is able to handle every stage of processing, ensuring perfect flatness and comfort when working.

MB2003 can be used with water or dry, it smoothes every surface (marble, granite, terrazzo, concrete, parquet). Equipped with ULTRA RAPID SYSTEM for abrasive replacemente, it can also be used as a monobrush.

The high performance is achieved at no sacrifice to the well-being of the operator. Exceptionally stable and equipped with an adjustable handle, it can be driven with one hand in an upright position both front and back.

Diameter satellite plat: 125mm

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Satellite Grinding Machines