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Hitachi 115mm G12SR4

Price €58.00

The G12SR4 Angle Grinder removes casting fin, finishes various types of steel, bronze and aluminum materials and castings, grinds welded sections, sections cut by means of an acetylene torch, synthetic resins, slate, brick and marble. With it's small grip diameter, high output power and overload durability, it delivers great performance.

Diameter: 115 mm.
Power: 730 w.
RPM: 10.000
Lenght: 254 mm.
Weight: 1,4 kgrs.

Hitachi Vertical Sander S18SB

Price €159.00

The S18SB Vertical Sander has improved power, performance, and features for a variety of applications including preparing and finishing wood, removing paint and rust, making joints flush, polishing synthetic resins, and sanding and polishing metallic surfaces such as auto bodies, appliances, etc.

Diameter: 180 mm.
Power: 705 w.
RPM: 4500
Shaft: M 14 x 2
Height: 194 mm.
Weight: 2 kgrs.

Hitachi SP18VA

Price €315.00

The SP18VA is capable of sanding metallic surfaces, preparatory sanding of metallic and wooden surfaces prior to painting, removal of paint and rust, finishing woodwork, making flush joints of wooden plates, finishing and polishing metallic surfaces such as motor vehicles, refrigerators, elevators, etc., polishing lacquered surfaces on wooden products, and polishing synthetic resin and ebonite products.

Diameter: 180 mm.
Power: 1.250 W.
RPM: 0 ~ 3.400 / 0 ~ 600 rpm.
Shaft: M 14 x 2
Height: 415 mm.
Weight: 2,8 Kg.

Arm Machines

Arm Machines

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