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Solid Crystallizer

Price €20.20

Powder crystallizer for marble. Its formula with activating particles of shine provides to the surface a crystalline appearance and a high power of friction. It is perfectly compatible with the traditional liquid crystallizer, these can be used for maintaining the crystallized surface with Leopard Solid Crystallizer


Volume 2 liters.

White Potea

Price €21.30

Polishing powders for granite.

Volumen 2 litros.

Magnesium Fluorosilicate

Price €21.70


*ONLY FOR SELLING TO PROFFESIONAL AND QUALIFIED WORKERS* This product due to its toxicity in case of ingestion is forbidden for domestic use. Do not buy it if you are not a proffesional and qualifed worker.

Solid crystal salt product. It generates a chemical reaction with the calcium carbonate from marble, terrazzos and lime stones, which becomes a mirror gloss on the surface. After the application of this product is needed to be used a crystallizer.

5 kgrs.



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