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Leopard Concrete Sealer

Price €66.90

It creates a micro coat which hardens and seals the concrete floors, producing a bright and attractive finishing very easy to maintain. Its low viscosity seals micro pores, providing the concrete with consistency and uniformity. The treatment with Leopard Concrete Sealer provides resistance to the spots and the abrasion and takes care of the industrial surfaces.


Sellador de Hormigón (Producto Leopard)

Volume 5 liters.


Price €26.10

Lithium hardener agent for concrete surfaces. The product penetrates on the surface, hardening and compacting it, making easy the polishing and crystallization process.

Volume 5 liters.

Leopard-80 Water Repellent

Price €37.20

Waterproof based on water which seals the pores of the treated surface without change its appearance. It is recommendable for any surface which can be in touch with water and can suffer abrupt changes of temperature below 0ºC

Volume 5 liters.

Leopard-81 Oli-Water Repellent

Price €20.30

Oil-waterproof based on solvent which seals the pores of the treated surface without change its appearance. Avoid the penetration of products as oil, grease, vinegar... It is recommendable for countertop kitchen and bathrooms that can be damaged by oil, perfume, vinegar and other aggressive agents for the stone.

Volume 1 liter.

Leopard Latex Resin

Price €29.20

A stable, white, rubbery plastic dispersion, specially composed and tuned, used as a plastic bonding agent with cement, mortar, plaster, lime plaster and the like. It refines and improves all mortar and, blended with the mixing water, introduces numerous properties and characteristics that lead to applications hitherto unknown or not thought possible.

Volume 5 liters.



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