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It creates a micro coat which hardens and seals the concrete floors, producing a bright and attractive finishing very easy to maintain. Its low viscosity seals micro pores, providing the concrete with consistency and uniformity. The treatment with Leopard Concrete Sealer provides resistance to the spots and the abrasion and takes care of the industrial surfaces.


The surface must be clean and dry. Avoid acid products for cleaning because they will influence the perfect forged of the Leopard Concrete Sealer.

Apply a thin coat over the surface and spread it uniformly with a microfiber mop. Leave it dry between 30 and 60 minutes and repeat the process again. Between the two process the surface can be polished with a rotary machine provides with a white floor pad for intensifying the shine.


It is advised not to do any kind of cleaning during the first week. For the daily maintenance we recommend to use Leopard-9 Neutral Protector Shine which provides the necessary cleaning to all type of surfaces, taking care of the original shine and highlighting the colors.


From 15 to 40 square meters by liter, depending on the porosity of the concrete.

Container: 5L